Class Options: Small-Group and Private English Tutoring


ESOL Advantage offers in-person and online tutoring options for ages 10 and up.

We have options for individual tutoring as well as small-group tutoring. Students can connect online almost anywhere in the world, as well as in person for those in the Seattle-Bellevue area.

For more information, see our class options and frequently asked questions below.

Private Tutoring with ESOL Advantage

Class Options

Private English Tutoring and Small-Group Classes for every skill level and interest. Your ESOL Advantage begins here!


Develop fluency and build confidence as you progress through daily-life topics.

  • Focused Speaking Practice
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Key Grammar Points




for Business

English for the workplace, with custom options for your specific needs.

  • Workplace Conversations
  • Accent Reduction
  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Vocabulary Development




Writing and

Academic writing and English literature classes for everyone ages 10+.

  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Plot, Theme, Voice
  • Literary Genres




Pronunciation and
Accent Modification

Targeted lessons to develop skills and strategies for clear English pronunciation.

  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Suprasegmentals: Stress, Intonation, Reduction
  • Individualized Plan




*Standard sessions are 55 minutes in length for both individuals and groups.

About ESOL Advantage

Mark Pedrin teaching an online Conversation Class - ESOL Advantage

Thanks for visiting ESOL Advantage! Our mission is to help you grow new skills so you can take your next step in life—whatever that may be.

Our students come from many different backgrounds and with a variety of educational goals. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and interests, and to build the study plan that is best for you.

Learn more about ESOL Advantage services below:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of English tutoring lessons?

Tutoring prices vary depending on the number of students.

For individual students, prices range from $40 to $45 per session, depending on the course subject.

For groups (2-4 students), prices range from $55 to $60 per session. This group price is the total for the entire group and may be shared between group members.

Each standard session is 55 minutes but may be extended according to student preference.

Please Contact Us for more details or questions about pricing options.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

With ESOL Advantage, you can choose how many lessons you want, and how often. No long-term commitment is required. Some students come for help with a short project, and some students come for many months. In addition, some students prefer one lesson per week, while others want more. It’s your choice, and you can stop any time you like.

For specific questions about schedule and class options, feel free to Contact Us.

How do payments work?

Payments for English tutoring must be made in advance of classes. You can pay one lesson at a time, or pay for a block of lessons–whichever you prefer.

Online payments can be made through our convenient Student Portal. We accept check payments for in-person students, and online credit card payments (via Stripe) for all students.

My English skill is not strong. Will these lessons be too difficult for me?

Whether you are beginner or advanced, we have class options that will meet your needs!

For beginners in English language, the best course option is Conversational English (starting at $40 per session).

Before your first lesson, your instructor will identify the best skill-level placement for you, based on a 0 to 5 scale. Lesson materials will support your needs and interests according to skill level.

For more information or specific questions, please get in touch by filling out our contact form.

What is the difference between ESOL and ESL?

Great question! ESL stands for ‘English as a Second Language.’ It’s a general term used for people who learn English in addition to their primary language—which is sometimes called their ‘heart’ language.

While the term ESL is well-known, it’s not always the best description, because many English learners already speak not just one additional language, but several. English may be your second language, but it could also be your third, fourth, or fifth!

This is where ESOL comes in. ESOL stands for ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages.’ We prefer this term because it best describes most English language learners, whether they speak one other language or many. But overall, the teaching approaches of ESOL and ESL have a lot in common: both focus on necessary English skills for daily life.

How do Small-Group Classes work?

Some of our students wish to study together with friends, family, or co-workers. Small-Group classes let you create your own private English class. Working with your teacher, you can plan lesson content and how often you wish to meet.

For small-group classes, we recommend meeting in person if possible. It is possible to hold small-group classes online, but the technology can be challenging. For those living in the Seattle-Bellevue area of Washington State, your instructor will offer some suggestions for in-person meeting locations.

Tell me about Online Tutoring

Study English from anywhere through Online Tutoring! Online classes with ESOL Advantage are convenient and affordable.

Online lessons are held through MS Teams or Google Meet. Standard sessions are 55 minutes long. Students will receive the class link by email for their online tutoring.

For Online Tutoring, you will need either an internet-capable computer with a camera and microphone, or a video smartphone. You will also need a quiet place to participate in your lessons without distraction, as well as the ability to print any needed class materials.

Tell me about In-Person Tutoring

In-Person Tutoring is available in the Seattle-Bellevue area of Washington State. Standard sessions are 55 minutes long.

For In-Person Tutoring, you and your teacher will agree upon a location and time for meeting. It may be possible to meet in a community center (such as a library) or a private home.

We also partner with local organizations to make sure you find the right instructor and class options for your specific interests. To see if in-person tutoring is available in your location, you can Contact Us or complete a Registration Request.